Wu-Tang Clan Return for 'Don't Stop' on HBO's 'Silicon Valley' Soundtrack: Premiere

Wu-Tang Clan doesn't plan on stopping anytime soon. In light of Mass Appeal's Silicon Valley Soundtrack dropping on Friday, Wu-Tang pounce on the eerie instrumental for "Don't Stop."

From the onset, Raekwon and Method Man show flashes of lyrical brilliance throughout their verses. "Between love and hate is a fine line/ And these habitual line-steppers can die trying," raps Method. Rae displays his lyrical wit alongside his Wu-Tang comrades with equal verve. "We talk about that CREAM, leaning on the Tower of Piza/ Seven visas got condos in the jungle." raps The Chef. 

Earlier this week, Hudson Mohawke paired up with Remy Banks to release their marijuana-friendly track "Passports," which will also live on the soundtrack. For avid watchers of HBO's Silicon Valley, be sure to grab the soundtrack for season five on Friday. As for the show, you can watch it every Sunday at 10 p.m. EST.