Watch News Anchors Quote Tupac Lyrics On Air to Celebrate His Birthday

Tupac Shakur
Ron Galella/WireImage

Tupac Shakur

Today would have been the late rapper's 46th birthday.

Friday (June 16) would have been Tupac Shakur’s 46th birthday. To celebrate, many fans will be heading to the theater to see the recently released All Eyez on Me biopic documenting the late rapper's life, but some fans have had other plans.

News anchors Fred Blankenship and Mark Arum of WSB-TV Atlanta teamed up to incorporate a number of 2Pac lyrics into their broadcast on the morning of Shakur's birthday, seamlessly incorporating lyrics from “I Get Around,” “Me and My Girlfriend” and more classics into their traffic news segment. Unfazed, Arum also hilariously continues the homage by calling fellow reporter Mark McKay “untouchable like Elliot Ness.”

These sorts of broadcast antics are nothing new for Blankenship and Arum, who have also quoted The Notorious B.I.G. and Phife Dawg on air as well.

Watch the clip below: