DJ Khaled Wants to Work with Eminem & Dr. Dre, Says 'Obama is My President' in Interview With Katie Couric

DJ Khaled brought his positive affirmations and then some to his latest sit-down with Yahoo's Katie Couric.

He reflected on being raised by hard-working parents and instilling that work ethic into his seven-month-old son, Asahd. "The way I been raised, my family always kept me in, of course, in the family environment but always brought me in the family business... to show me how it is to work hard to feed your family," he said. "I'ma raise my son just like that but even more because I know for a fact, me growing up and going to school and going through trials and tribulations, because my family raised me to be a strong man and a boss." 

The We The Best CEO also spoke on his stacked list of features for Grateful but revealed the two people he hopes to work with in the future: "I never got a chance to work with Eminem and I have tried before but I'm gonna try again. This time, when I try again, I wanna make sure I have the right record. I don't think he's telling me no. I think I just gotta come with the right presentation." 

The same goes for RIhanna. "As much as I wanted to work with Rihanna," he said, "I wanted to wait till I had the right record and I did so when I find that right record, I'ma reach out to him and his team and hopefully we can work one day."

He named Dr. Dre on his collaboration wishlist as well. "I have worked with him before on a Rick Ross project that I A&Red but I haven't worked with him on my project, which I want to so shout out to Dr. Dre." 

Khaled also gave a special message to his son for his first Father's Day and played a round of Would You Rather (he couldn't pick between Instagram and Snapchat or his jet ski and golf cart, chose his weekly mani-pedis over his massages, and praised Starbucks' pumpkin bread).

The conversation then turned to Donald Trump and how Khaled doesn't acknowledge him as his president. "I'm my president of my family, I'm the guy who takes care of my family, I can't agree with everything that somebody does," he said. "Obama is my president. That's the only president that I can say, that was my president. I believe presidents should lead with love. Not just the president of the United States -- the president of this company that you work for."

When asked if he thinks the POTUS is leading with love, Khaled added, "I don't think that he's connecting with the people. Because the people are the people that have to live this life every day, and you got to respect the people. And we want to be in a world with love and unity and peace. And that's where I say. I can't agree with everything he does. I just can't."

Watch the full interview below.