Here's the Beyonce & Jay Z Mashup Album You've Been Waiting For

While the Internet awaits the birth of Beyoncé and Jay Z's twins, admirer of the Carters, @amorphous, mashed up their songs for an album titled Bey-Z.

"Late last night I came up with the idea to create a mashup album of some of Beyoncé & Jay? ?Z's songs, as a tribute to both of these artists," he wrote. "I used to run around the house with my hat on backwards rapping Jay Z when I was younger, and I admire Beyoncé for her artistry and work ethic."

The eight-track offering includes tracks like "Partition Frontin'," "Formation Who?," "XO Life," "Pimpin' Diva" and "***Flawless Keys," splicing together the power couple's beloved hits.

Check out the sampler before and bump Bey-Z in its entirety here.