Kehlani Kicks Fan Out During Concert For Screaming 'Kyrie'

Kehlani performs at the Warner Music Group Grammy Party at Milk Studios on Feb. 12, 2017 in Hollywood, Calif.
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Kehlani performs at the Warner Music Group Grammy Party at Milk Studios on Feb. 12, 2017 in Hollywood, Calif.  

Kehlani lived up to the savage portion of her SweetSexySavage album title when she had security remove a disrespectful fan from a show. The singer-songwriter has been trotting around the country performing at festivals and venues and while she loves her fans dearly, Kehlani made it known in Tucson, AZ she won’t tolerate anyone interrupting her performance.

Footage captured shows a fan yelling “Kyrie!” The “Gangsta” singer then asked that the house lights be turned on and asked the audience to point out the instigator.


Fan yells "Kyrie" during concert, #Kehlani kicks them out

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“Get the f--k out this concert, b-tch!” Kehlani said before calling for security. "Y’all better be loyal to me in this b-tch. Point ‘em out.”

To give you some background, Kehlani received massive scrutiny last year when after it was assumed she cheated on her then boyfriend, Cleveland Cavalier Kyrie Irving with PartyNextDoor. The result was the then 21-year-old reportedly trying to take her own life, which spawned even more social media backlash.

Kehlani and Kyrie have since since cleared the air and maintain they have a great deal of respect for one another. However, Kehlani still wasn’t going to allow anyone to bring up the past.

“We don’t play that stupid ass sh-t up in here. C’mon, Kyrie will whoop your f--king ass. That’s my best friend,” she said.

On Tuesday (June 13), Kehlani took to Instagram to defend her actions and admitted after a year of therapy and enduring abuse she hasn’t spoken of, it felt good to stand up for herself.



after a year of being tormented, harassed, people sending me death threats/showing up to festivals in jerseys throwing shit at me and chanting names, bullying my family in school, at the grocery store, walking down the street, shit that I never even SPOKE on because I dealt with my problems like an adult ON MY OWN for once...I finally stood up for myself. After a year of depression and therapy, moving away to a new city because of it, i FINALLY STOOD UP FOR MYSELF. I've held concerts where when they screamed a name at me I ran off, had a panic attack and cried. I'm finally confident, fearless and unashamed. It felt good as hell to do what I did, so bring on whatever you want because I'm proud of myself, my team is proud of me, my mom is proud of me. I wish you peace ---- oh... and you couldnt last a day in my shoes. ----

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So for anyone who thought they could try it with Kehlani, let this be proof, you can’t.

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