Watch Suge Knight Try to Sign Tupac to Death Row in 'All Eyez on Me' Clip: Exclusive

Quantrell Colbert
Film still from Tupac Shakur's biopic, 'All Eyez on Me'

In light of Tupac Shakur's All Eyez on Me biopic dropping next week, Billboard got its hands on an exclusive clip from the movie.

The 48-second teaser features Suge Knight visiting Shakur in jail after he was sentenced for sexually abusing a fan in 1995. In hopes of luring 'Pac over to Death Row Records, Knight lists all the things he can offer the embattled rapper.

"Money ain't a thing. What you need is guidance," says Knight, who is played by Dominic Santana. "I'm not saying you can't have friends, but I'm the one who's gonna be there with you 24/7/365, so it should be me [as your manager]. Death Row ain't a label, it's a way of life," he continues.

Shakur's decision to sign with Death Row Records in 1995 was a pivotal move in his career. After leaving prison, he released his opus All Eyez on Me later that year, which not only signified his comeback, but bolstered the legitimacy of Death Row as a super label.

Watch the clip below: