Man Woos Jhene Aiko for 100-Plus Days as She Suffers From Short-Term Memory Loss in 'While We're Young' Video

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Jhene Aiko "While We're Young"

Jhene Aiko mixes 50 First Dates with The Notebook for the romantic video of her new song "While We're Young," where her short-term memory loss has a man wooing her in new ways every day.  

The smooth love note is a different side of the Slauson Hills songstress following her sexually explicit track "Maniac," released last November. "I'm tellin' everybody you're mine and I like it/ And I really hope you don't mind, I can't fight it," she croons. "No, you know I cannot hide it 'cause I am so excited/ That I finally decided on you."

The Jay Ahn-directed clip shows her love interest, Micah, pursuing Aiko for four months, spicing up the routine with trips to the park, and thought-out run-ins on the highway to cope with her mental limitations. Each day, he introduces himself to her at a restaurant where she sits, draws and nibbles on waffles. As they document their relationship over the course of 100-plus days, she still struggles to remember who he is, even when they wake up in the same bed. 

When Aiko records him on a camcorder, she asks Micah if he loves her. "Love is a heavy word," he says. "I mean, I get up every morning, I go to this restaurant and you're there. Yeah, I love you." 

Watch their love story below.