ScHoolboy Q Thinks No One Should Own Guns -- Not Even Police

ScHoolboy Q performs at Coachella Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 15, 2017 in Indio, Calif.
Amy Harris/Invision/AP

ScHoolboy Q performs at Coachella Music & Arts Festival at the Empire Polo Club on April 15, 2017 in Indio, Calif. 

ScHoolboy Q, the former Hoover Crips gang member and Blank Face rapper, has some thoughts on guns -- namely, that no one should own them, not even police. The rapper revealed those thoughts today (June 5) in an interview with artist interview channel Montreality, where he was asked which one evil he wishes to rid the world of.

"Guns, man. That gun law s--t is real man, it will never stop,” Q responded. “That’s one thing -- probably the only thing I agree [with] about the law and all that political s--t that’s been going on...from officers, from everybody. It should be no guns.”

Still, Q admitted that he doesn't see such massive change happening anytime soon -- or maybe ever. "It’s too many guns out there now," he continued. "It's impossible to take all the guns. So what I want is impossible to happen."

The Los Angeles rapper isn't the first artist to get political on gun violence, an issue that's become near-ubiquitous in the U.S. After a gunman opened fire on a pool party in San Diego in May, Nick Cannon paid tribute to a childhood friend who was among those killed. And in April, The Voice announced a new foundation to benefit victims of gun violence, named for Christina Grimmie, a former contestant murdered by gunfire.

Q briefly mentioned his own past as a gang member, adding that if guns were never available for ownership in the first place, the world would have been "a whole lot better."

“It would’ve been a whole lot better, because now people just getting killed left and right. Like, you’ll have 400 to 500 people die in Chicago like… every year. That’s not amazing. That’s f--king insane. How can that many people die in a year, you know what I’m saying? And like, n---as always wanna talk that gangsta, ain’t nothing gangsta about none of that s--t. Especially rappers. N---as always trying to act gangsta like, you n----a you ain’t a gangsta anymore n---a, you’re a rapper. I’m not a gangsta no more, I’m a rapper," the artist said.

Watch the full interview below, and look out for Q's thoughts on gun violence around the 11:00 mark.