Don Cheadle Stars in Kendrick Lamar's 'DNA.' Video

Courtesy of Vevo
Kendrick Lamar in the video for "DNA."

Kendrick Lamar had quite the busy weekend. After dropping his latest studio album DAMN. and tearing up the Coachella stage as a headliner on Sunday night, the Compton rapper returns with a new video for "DNA." starring esteemed actor Don Cheadle.

"Kendrick Lamar. Two first names, huh, the f--- is up with that?," asks Cheadle, who plays an interrogator. "You know what DNA stands for? Dead N---a Association." 

As soon as Cheadle's character tries to switch on the lie detector test, he immediately spazzes and channels Lamar spitting all the hard-hitting bars from the DAMN. cut. The two then engage in a back-and-forth rap fest before Cheadle un-cuffs him from the table. "Another dead n---a association," says Lamar, who pats Cheadle and prompts him to pass out on the ground.

Once the rapper breaks free, he links up with his homies -- ScHoolboy Q included -- and hits the streets as a squad of women go for a joyride.

Watch the Nabil and the Little Homies-directed visual below.