'Star Wars' Actor Riz Ahmed Takes Down James Corden in 'Late Late Show' Rap Battle

Terence Patrick/CBS
Riz Ahmed performs Drop The Mic with James Corden during The Late Late Show with James Corden on April 17, 2017. 

For a late night talker from England who is best known for musical theater, James Corden is not a terrible rapper. But on Monday night (Apr. 17) the Late Late Show host more than met his match when he entered the "Drop the Mic" ring to face off against Star Wars: Rogue One star Riz Ahmed for an MC showdown.

You see, in addition to being hero Bodhi Rook and super chill surfer dad Paul-Louis on Girls, Ahmed also happens to be a pretty accomplished rapper under the name Riz MC, as well as one half of the Swet Shop Boys duo with former Das Racist member Heems. In other words, a formidable opponent.

Corden, confident as ever, did not back down, coming out swinging with a stinging couplet: "Am I supposed to be afraid of Riz cuz he raps/ His lyrics lack depth, just like when he acts/ You might recognize him from some TV shows/ Or not at all if you don't pay for HBO." That one hurt, but Riz was ready.

"I speak the truth, you're a liar/ He's like Sean Spicer mixed with a singing Uber driver," Ahmed shot back. "Look at you, I bet you think you're great/ But your chat show's so late nobody's awake." Fair enough, Corden replied, doubling down on the galactic takedowns. "I know ruining a Star Wars is seen as unlawful/ But here's a Rogue One spoiler: in it he's awful/ Honestly it's mean to say in Star Wars he stinks/ He made me miss the days of Jar-Jar Binks."

Too much, James, too much. Watch Ahmed hit back with some fierce Jabba the Hutt and Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad fire: