Listen to the Samples From Kendrick Lamar's New Album 'DAMN.'

Kendrick Lamar performs at Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas on Dec. 31, 2016.

Kendrick Lamar performs at Drai's Nightclub in Las Vegas on Dec. 31, 2016. 

Aside from providing fans an earful of quotable gems from his new album DAMN., Kendrick Lamar's impeccable production helped anchor the project, as well.

With Sounwav, Terrace Martin, 9th Wonder, The Alchemist, and more on-board for Lamar's latest work, a bevy of samples were used in order to build his new album. From a 2015 Fox News report, to Bruno Mars' "24K Magic", to Ted Taylor's "Be Ever Beautiful", TDE's famed lyricist cleverly uses various samples to steer the ship for his fourth album.

Take a listen below, and thanks to WhoSampled for their efforts in cataloging such lifts.


As "Blood" segues into "DNA," Kendrick Lamar furtively takes a stab at FOX News after they targeted him for his performance at the BET Awards in 2015. Sample appears at 0:57.


From 0:13 and on, Sounwave uses Fleurie's 2016 song "Don't Let Me Down" to seamlessly create the mellow landscape for Lamar to glide through. He also uses the drums from O.C. Smith's 1968 "Stormy" to help provide a gloomy backdrop.


"LOYALTY" was created by DJ Dahi, Sounwave, and Terrace Martin. In hopes of luring mainstream listeners, the trio apparently sampled the vocoder-laden intro to Bruno Mars' infectious single "24K Magic."


For his new endeavor, Lamar nabbed The Alchemist, who concocted the slow-burning track "Fear." The East Coast beatmaker samples a portion of 24-Carat Black's "Poverty's Paradise" and spoonfeeds Lamar his fiery instrumental for him to cook over. Yo Gotti, Freeway, and RZA have all sampled from "Poverty's Paradise." 


Known for his scintillating samples, 9th Wonder dug deep in the crates to craft the outro for DAMN. Wonder uses three different samples to construct "Duckworth" including Ted Taylor's 1978's "Be Ever Wonderful," The Fatback Band's 1975 "Let the Drums Speak" and Hiatus Kaiyote's 2015 "Atari."