Lafa Taylor & Aabo Release 'Falling' Feat. Goapele: Premiere

 Lafa Taylor & Aabo
Lafa Taylor

 Lafa Taylor & Aabo

Get carried away in good vibes from dynamic R&B/electronic duo Lafa Taylor & Aabo for their new track “Falling” feat. Goapele today exclusively on Billboard. The house-infused record pulls elements from soul, hip-hop, and dance to create a confection of musical goodness.

We still don't know how exactly we came to be in existence here on earth. Some people will claim they know the secret but in my experience they are usually trying to sell you something or keep you pacified," notes Taylor. He adds, "That said I think it's important to not get to used to life, it is an amazing, mysterious ride. This track has nothing to do with the aforementioned statement... nothing and everything.”

It was a no-brainer for the duo to include Goapele on the song, as well. “Being rooted in the Bay Area music scene for years, and a long-time R&B digger, I have always been aware of Goapele's music," he said. “It was such a beautiful experience to work with her. She has a peaceful and very centered approach to making music. This track spawned a great working relationship and we have more stuff on the way that I have produced.”

“Falling” is the single off of the duo’s upcoming album, FEEL. Recorded between Tokyo, Portland, and the Bay area, the project was an idea conceived on a tour bus at a festival. Previous singles on the album include “Turn My Music Up” and “Run To Me”. Taylor, a staple in the hip-hop/R&B/electronic scene and Aabo, a connoisseur of jazz and world music, felt collaborating together on the project would bring a fresh and vibrant perspective to the musical landscape.

Fall into the eccentric track below: