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Boosie BadAzz's Stolen Jewelry Has Been Recovered by the Police: Report

Erika Goldring/Getty Images
Boosie BadAzz performs at UNO Lakefront Arena on April 20, 2014 in New Orleans. 

After Biloxi police denied having Boosie BadAzz's jewelry in their possession, a Mississippi police department confirms having the rapper's belongings, reports Page Six

"All of a sudden, my jewelry has been found," said BadAzz in a video post on Instagram late Wednesday night (April 12). "My jewelry has been recovered and it's at the police department. After three days of nobody knows where my jewelry at, it has been found. Corruption. They knew they couldn't take my jewelry, and sell it, and get away with it. Now, my jewelry has been found. All you people was going against me," he continued. 

On Tuesday (April 11), Boosie BadAzz took aim at the Biloxi police department after his family and friends were pepper-sprayed at a Mississippi shopping mall over the weekend. Five members from BadAzz's entourage were arrested for assault. In addition to the attack, the "Wipe Me Down" star said that the police stole over $1 million in jewelry from him. Initially, Biloxi Police Lt. Christopher De Back claimed that they didn't recover any of BadAzz's jewelry. Now, he has retracted his claim and admitted that the Louisiana native's belongings were being held in safekeeping. A van will also be returned to Boosie and his entourage.

“Biloxi police has stolen a million dollars in jewelry from me, we going protest soon follow my IG for times n dates I need my fans to support this injustice," BadAzz said on Tuesday. 

Watch BadAzz's reaction to his jewelry being recovered below. 


I told you --these mfs r thieves,racist etc. all of sudden it's found smh I'll see y'all n court #nomobiloxi

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