Introducing the DeLéon 100 and cultural boundary-pushers, Teyana Taylor and Dave East.
Introducing the DeLéon 100 and cultural boundary-pushers, Teyana Taylor and Dave East.
Credit: Sami Drasin 

Diddy Has a Message for DeLéon 100 Honorees (Guest Column)

by Sean Combs
April 07, 2017, 11:48am EDT

The DeLéon 100 was assembled to celebrate the culture-creators who aren't afraid to push the envelope, but the list is more about where they're going than where they've been.

I wanted to get into the tequila business for a long time, but it was important to me to find an authentic, credible brand that shared my values. Six years ago, DeLeón caught my eye.  I’ve spent my life seeking out people who are bold, fearless and doing their part to shape the future. DeLeón was a brand that could challenge the status quo.

Over the past few years, I’ve been preparing DeLeón to take on the world. I collaborated with our maestro, Miguel Cedeño Cruz, to improve the traditional tequila-making method and achieve the smoothest, sweetest tasting tequila, rich with nuance and complexity. I redesigned the bottle to reflect the soul of the brand. And now, I’m assembling an army to help share the DeLeón experience with you – and to take things to the #NextLevel. 

The DeLeón 100 is part of that army.

The DeLeón 100 is a group of trailblazers, from all across the country - musicians and producers, actors and personalities – and every one of them is disrupting the status quo and empowering others to act boldly, shape the future, and give back to their community. The people I have chosen have quiet confidence and strength.  They care about quality, craftsmanship and attention to detail. They are inspired to pursue their passions.

The DeLéon 100 is not an award – it’s a notice. These people have my attention, because they are showing us what’s new and groundbreaking. Every day, in everything they do, they are taking things to the #NextLevel. 

My message to these pioneers is this: Keep doing what you are doing. Be confident in your own voice – and when people don’t understand what you’re doing, know that you are on the right path. Be proud of what got you here, and stay focused on where you are going next.  I am watching and supporting you – and expect you to achieve great things.

For everyone else out there, know this: my message isn’t just for the members of the DeLéon 100. You don’t have to be on the list to be part of the movement and take things to the #NextLevel. I want everyone to break the rules, challenge norms, and work together to move our world forward and create the future.

I hope you will join us. Let’s Do This. God Bless.


This article was produced in partnership with DeLéon Tequila.