Cam'ron Turns Vanessa Carlton's 'A Thousand Miles' Into a Street Love Story With '10,000 Miles' Video

Courtesy Photo
Cam'ron in the video for "10,000 Miles."

Cam'ron unveiled his new video for "10,000 Miles"  from his forthcoming mixtape The Program.

With Vanessa Carlton's "A Thousand Miles" serving as the sample, Killa Cam ruminates about his sunken relationship after he was found cheating on his girlfriend. "I cheated, another one in the books for me/ She clean, roll weed and cook for me/ Ain't hear from the kid, she would look for me/ Now she so mad that she won't even look at me," he raps.

The Clifton Bell-directed video shows Cam'ron at his best, as he displays his innate acting skills with Sen City. Despite inflicting pain to the love of his life, the "Oh Boy" star steps up to the plate, regains focus and then pops the question to his girlfriend at the end of the video.

In addition to his latest visual, Cam'ron is selling new merch, specifically the 10,000 Miles T-shirt, which the Harlem rep jokingly offers, "Cheat on your diet, not your girl." Cam also dons the funny T-shirt in his new video.

Not only will The Program drop this May, but fans should be delighted to know that his highly anticipated sequel Killa Season 2 is expected to be out later this year, as well.

Check out the "10,000 Miles" video below: