Soulstress Janine Releases Emotional 'Don't Love Me' Video: Premiere

Jessie English


You may remember Janine as the artist formerly known as Janine and the Mixtape. Though revamping her stage name (which was inspired by her love for basketball and the iconic And 1 mixtapes), the New Zealand-born soul singer returns with her heart-tugging visual for "Don't Love Me." 

As previously heard on the emotional offerings like 2015's XXEP and 2014's Dark Mind EP, Janine keeps it 100 on her latest offering. 

In the Phillip Lopez-directed visual, a round of pick-up turns into a game of love as Janine calls out her lover for playing himself in their relationship. "So you should love someone, just don't love me," she sings on the '90s R&B-esque beat before vowing to never pick up his calls again. "You made your bed and now it's time to sleep." Janine also ties in her favorite sport, defiantly adding, "You were good on the court, one-on-one / Back and forth but I'm done playin' ball with you." 

The Atlantic Records signee tells Billboard of the love song's inspiration, "A lot of people know what it's like to be in love with someone but have to leave because it is destructive. 'Don't Love Me' embraces the moment when it's really over. It's not about having a pity party for the things I've been through but more of a 'You can't mess with me anymore.'"

"So many people have suffered from some form and varying degree of abuse, it's our choice whether we choose to let it make us victims," she continues. "The video has pieces of my story shown in a strong, beautiful and raw way. I love how the director, Phillip Lopez, shoots so soulfully, he was the perfect fit for the song. At the end of the day I just wanted a video that is meaningful and am so glad to finally be sharing my new music with everyone."

Watch the video for "Don't Love Me" below before the single goes wide on Friday, March 31.