Migos Break Down the Dab's Origin on ESPN's 'Sportscenter'

Migos joins SportsCenter on March 29, 2017.
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Migos joins SportsCenter on March 29, 2017.

Since the release of their Billboard Hot 100 No.1 single "Bad and Boujee," Migos have landed on several notable shows including Ellen, The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and Live With Jimmy Kimmel!. On Wednesday (March 29), they touched down at ESPN HQ and sat down with Cari Champion for an interview on SportsCenter

While on-set with Champion, the trio spoke about the origin of their iconic dance "The Dab." "We created The Dab," said Takeoff.

"We just needed something to break the stage," added Quavo. "We used to always go on stage and be like 'We gotta do this drop. We gotta do this drop on a song called 'Emmitt Smith.' So, we made a song named 'Emmitt Smith' and it just started going crazy. It just started breaking the stage. Every video the producer was like 'Drop man! Y'all gotta do that drop.' At first, it used to be called 'Ugh!' But then, we used to be real fresh and everybody be like 'Look at my Dab. Look at my Dab.' So, we did it at the same time. So, it was really a way of fashion. Dabbing was a way of fashion that turned into a dance." 

After watching a bevy of athletes including LeBron James and Cam Newton perform their rendition of "The Dab" as a way to celebrate a huge play, the trio realized at that moment that they had something special on their hands. "We didn't know what it was going to do. We were just doing it for the fun at the time," said Takeoff. "We just had our cameraman recording us and we were just having fun at the time doing it." 

When asked about their tireless work ethic, Offset said, "You gotta stay up. You gotta grind. You gotta stay consistent." Consistency has been the key for Migos, whose blazing single "Bad & Boujee" currently sits at No. 4 on the Hot 100. 

Check out their full interview on SportsCenter below where they also touched on their love for the Atlanta Falcons and their favorite athletes.