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G-Eazy & Carnage Roam the Streets as Bobble Heads in 'Guala', Announce Joint 'Step Brothers' EP

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G-Eazy and Carnage in the video for "Guala."

Since 2015, Carnage teased fans with the possibility of a Step Brothers project with G-Eazy. Early Tuesday morning (March 28), the tandem unveiled their new video "Guala" off their forthcoming EP. 

In the humorous black-and-white video, Eazy and Carnage roam the streets as bobble heads. Over the loopy and simplistic beat, G-Eazy tackles the instrumental with a playful demeanor. "I'm killing these beats, there'll be more dead / I put my d--- on her forehead," he raps. Carnage injects more humor into the video when he morphs into his alter-ego Thirty Rack. 

"We did it in two nights," G-Eazy told Complex of the project. "We've literally known each other forever and we both worked our asses off for years to come up and make it to this point. We've both always had that same level of ambition, even when we were unknown. That's my brother for life, so we'll probably keep working together for the rest of our careers."

Carnage quipped about finally reuniting with G-Eazy for their EP, "We started working on this when G came back to reality and noticed how much he needed me in his life... so about 3 months ago."

The four-track EP will be entirely produced by Carnage, and will feature 24hrs and Smoke Purp. Step Brothers will be released this Friday (March 31). 

Check out the "Guala" video and the Step Brothers EP (which dropped March 31) below.