Wiz Khalifa Turns The Chainsmokers' 'Closer' Into a Stoner Anthem: Listen to His Remix

Wiz Khalifa remixed The Chainsmokers' smash hit, “Closer,” and, naturally, he turned it into a stoner’s anthem.

The song, which he originally performed at Okeechobee Festival in Florida earlier this month, leaves the melody and chorus untouched. Khalifa, however, twists the pre-chorus with lyrics like, “Take a joint to the face and we both go far/ Let’s get hi-i-i-gh, can’t stop,” a stark veer from the original with a bit more of a hip-hop zest.

He also dedicates Halsey’s verse to his herb of choice, rapping, “Khalifa, man, fresh off of the plane/ Been smoking so long, I’ve got my own strain,” referring to his line of cannabis launched in 2016.