DJ Khaled on How Baby Son Asahd is Executive Producing 'Grateful' Album: His Poops & Throw-Ups Mean 'Smash Hit Records'

DJ Khaled had yet another cloth talk with Jimmy Kimmel on Live! (March 17) while draped in the finest, lilac silk suit imported from Italy. 

The two pow-wowed about Khaled's upcoming tenth album Grateful, which will be executive produced by his four-month-old baby boy, Asahd Khaled (and yes, he's officially credited as so). "He's in the studio listening to songs with me, going over the business part of it, if the vocals are right, if the beats are right, if the energy's right, everything -- he's a part of," explained Khaled, who imitated the head bob and joyful expression that Asahd had when they pieced together the Beyonce and Jay Z collaboration "Shining." 

"When he does that, those are smash hit records," he continued. "If he's not in the studio while we're recording -- most of the time he is -- but if he's not, I'll FaceTime him and put him on the phone with an artist." 

Asahd also helps his dad secure the vocals. "The other day, I was talking to Big Sean and I was waiting on his vocals. I had to send a video of my son, Ashad, going, 'Where the vocals at?'," Khaled recalled.

He also spoke about a special gift the son and father duo received from Drake, who will also be on the album. "Everything we talk about for the album is top secret, by the way, it's between us," he joked.

When it came to Asahd's poop and throw-up habits, Khaled, naturally, offered a positive response. "The poops and the throw ups, believe it or not, are blessings so those [songs] are actually the real good ones. He actually threw up on me while I was mixing and working on "Shining," and when he threw up on me, that's a blessing."