The Car Notorious B.I.G. Was Killed In Up For Auction for $1.5 Million

Notorious B.I.G. photographed circa 1997

Notorious B.I.G. photographed circa 1997.

The car in which the Notorious B.I.G. was fatally shot is reportedly up for auction. 

According to memorabilia seller, Moments in Time, the owner of the BMW SUV is seeking $1.5 million. The vehicle was purchased by an unknown woman in October 1997 during a public auction.

For over 20 years, the woman used the car for her family of six. The buyer wasn't aware of the dark history behind the BMW until 2005, when police explained to her the story of Biggie's passing. The car has logged about 114,000 miles. 

After Biggie's death in March 1997, police replaced the bullet holes on the passenger side before selling the vehicle. They took the door as a piece of evidence but have since vowed to place the original back onto the car once it has been officially purchased.

In February, the 1996 BMW 750iL in which Tupac Shakur was killed also hit the market. The total mileage on the vehicle clocked in at 90,000 miles. The car is also being handled by Moments in Time and is priced at $1.5 million.