Remy Ma Talks Nicki Minaj Diss Track 'Shether' for the First Time on 'The Wendy Williams Show'

Remy Ma and Fat Joe visited The Wendy Williams Show on Friday (March 3) to promote their new album Plato O Plomo and her upcoming solo effort, Seven Winters & Six Summers, but the talk-show host wasted no time discussing the femcee's explosive seven-minute Nicki Minaj diss track "Shether." Remy Ma's appearance marked the first time she spoke publicly about the record since its release.

When asked "why was Nicki targeted," the Bronx native responded that she wasn't targeting but actually responding to something Minaj "started." She went on to accuse Minaj of not being "a nice person" and picking fights with other female entertainers, including Lil' Kim, Mariah Carey, Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus (who she referred to as "Hannah [Montana]").

Remy clarified that she didn't care about the alleged subliminal shots on two of Minaj's features (Jason DeRulo's "Swalla" and Gucci Mane's "Make Love"), as she has an understanding of protecting the top spot for the sake of sport in hip-hop. According to the "All the Way Up" rapper, matters started to become more personal behind the scenes, as she accused Minaj of "trying to keep [her] off of red carpets, trying to make sure awards don't go to [her]" and "trying to make people make bad reports about [Plato O Plomo?'s] album sales." Those actions were all seen as preventive measures for Remy Ma's money flow, which became the main issue at heart for a mother who has two kids to support with husband Papoose.

Remy Ma mentioned that she heard hearsay about Minaj promoting "Make Love" as the record to "end" her. She also expressed confusion on the "Black Barbies" rapper's alleged sabotaging since she's "so on top of everybody [and] better than everybody." When asked how she was able to dig up dirt on her opponent, Remy expressed that during the pair's brief friendship she was "cataloging" just in case they had a falling out. The prospect of Minaj's official response to "Shether" did not concern the rapper, who is "not waiting to hear anything" and is "done" (despite the release of her second diss track "Another One" on Thursday).

Toward the end of the interview, Williams picked up on her guest's all-black funeral attire, with the rapper shadily responding, "I came appropriate for the services," and that she was advised by her grandmother "to never speak ill about the dead."

Watch the interview below: