Here's Every Nicki Minaj Associate Remy Ma Name-Checked on Diss Track 'ShETHER'

Saturday was canceled after Remy Ma unleashed a new diss track against Nicki Minaj called "ShETHER," a play off of Nas' iconic 2001 diss called "Ether" against Jay Z utilizing the same menacing Ron Browz-produced beat.  

The nearly seven-minute-long track finds the Bronx rapper exposing the Queens MC in a hard-hitting barrage of claims that cite Minaj's family (specifically her brother), label deals and, uh, butt while also gunning for the title "queen of rap."

Like Rem assured in a recent Breakfast Club interview ("If you look at the history of Remy Ma, whenever I’ve had a problem with any female in the entire game, I will say your name"), she not only called out Onika by her rap name, she also cited several hip-hop associates connected to Minaj. 

Here's a guide to the name-dropping, plus any reactions to the savagery.


Collaborator as heard on on "Touchin, Lovin" and "Bottoms Up"

"ShETHER" lines: "And I saw Meek at All-Star, he told me your ass dropped/He couldn't f--- you for three months because your ass dropped," "Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants" and perhaps any mention of "man"

Songz' response: The singer took to Twitter to make a general assessment of the shout out: "Even when you stay out of the way they will have ya name all in some shit. Wake up to new comedy everyday. Focus." After a few tweets, he then @'d Nicki Minaj: "You need to be mad at Remy Nicki ... cause if you check my Instagram feed I already denied it on video so words didn't get misconstrued. I didn't post anything indirect. I gathered a understanding of events and then spoke my piece. You just mad. I still love you." He threw in another "I love you" before promoting his site


Radio and ?TV personality, former programming director

"ShETHER" line: "Coke head, you cheated on your man with Ebro"

Ebro's response: Following a status update on his whereabouts plus several tweets over the weekend, Darden addressed the rumors of sleeping with Nicki Minaj on Hot 97's Ebro In The Morning: "I did not have sexual relations with that woman in any way, shape, or form." 

While Ebro admits to partying with the Queens rapper and finding her "beautiful," he says he's never been with Minaj by himself. "I’ve never been alone with Nicki Minaj, ever. At a bar or with her friends or management. It was always work," he added. 


Rapper, collaborator and Nicki Minaj's ex-boyfriend

"ShETHER" line: "Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants"

Meek's response: Promotion for a day party he's hosting in D.C. with Fabolous. 



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Nicki Minaj's mentor, Young Money boss

"ShETHER" lines: "N----s done seen Drake penning, Wayne penning/And since your first boyfriend left, bitch ain't winning" and "You said you never f---ed Wayne, how stupid I look, B?"


Singer and actress best known for her role on Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, who beefed with Nicki Minaj following her interview with The New York Times over the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards' Video of the Year category; also sparked the meme phrase "Miley, what's good?" 

"ShETHER" line: "How you gone go at Miley? That's Hannah Montana she always happy"


Collaborator on "Up Out My Face (Remix)" who feuded with Nicki Minaj during their tenure as American Idol judges

"ShETHER" line: "You only fronted on Mariah 'cause Mariah don't carry" 


Singer, who had a Twitter spat with Nicki Minaj regarding the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards nominations

"ShETHER" line: "Tried to disrespect Taylor 'cause Taylor wasn't Swift enough"


Frequent collaborator, Young Money labelmate, rapper, actor

"ShETHER" line: "Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants," "Yeah, you must think you Drake and I'm Twitter fingers," "You claimed you never f---ed Drake, now that's where you took me" and "Now all of a sudden you back with Drake and Tunechi?"


Frequent collaborator who recently reunited with Nicki Minaj on his track "Make Love," on whuch she also fired shots believed to be at Remy: "Oh you the qu-e-e-the queen of this here?/One platinum plaque, album flopped, b----, where?"

"ShETHER" line: "After he said you sucked his d---, you back with Gucci?"


Collaborator on "Hello Good Morning (Remix)," which featured Nicki Minaj taking shots at Puff's close associate Lil' Kim. Kim and Puff recently reunited for the Bad Boy Reunion tour


Nicki Minaj's former manager Debra Antney, also Waka Flocka Flame's mother

"ShETHER" line: "After he said you sucked his d---, you back with Gucci?/Who next, Puff, Deb or Fendi? You a A-list groupie"


?Nicki Minaj's former manager, who has been credited for finding her on MySpace and placing her on The Come Up DVDs which solidified her signing to Lil Wayne's Young Money

"ShETHER" line: "After he said you sucked his d---, you back with Gucci?/Who next, Puff, Deb or Fendi? You a A-list groupie"


Nicki Minaj's ex, rapper, Love & Hip Hop star

"ShETHER" line: "Meek, Drake, Safaree, I see men in your pants" and "You a Internet troll, a Web browser, I'm sorry/You can't get her online with out Safaree" 

Safaree's response: The rapper took to Instagram to post a picture of himself with the caption: "Been flying all day but Be fly all days...**sidenote** im turning my phone off allllll day today -------- #stuntgang -- @prvncek"


Nicki Minaj's brother, who was accused of touching children inappropriately and whose semen was reportedly found on a 12-year-old's pants

"ShETHER" line: "We call that Jelani, get it? Semen in your pants" and "And I got a few words for the moms of the young Barbz/Guess who supports a child molester? Nicki Minaj/You paid for your brother’s wedding? That’s hella foul/How you spending money to support a pedophile?/He a walking dead man, sending threats to him/I guess that’s why they call you Barbie, you was next to Ken/Talkin’ ‘bout your money long and your foreign sick/Why you ain’t help your bro hide his cum from forensics"