Young M.A. Covers The Fader's First 'Sex Issue'

Young M.A
Guy Blelloch

Young M.A

New York’s very own, Young M.A. opened up about her life in a recent interview with The Fader. The 24-year-old emcee humbly admits that she’s grateful for the attention she’s been getting, but describes it as a weird feeling.

“I still feel normal. Like, I don’t feel like I’m a superstar. I still put myself in a position to be humble, to be normal. I don’t live in a big house, I’m not real extravagant or anything. I just like to be regular. I don’t want to lose myself,” said M.A

Here are a few snippets from her interview:

On her childhood:
“I was always a tomboy, I always wanted to be around the boys, always wanted to play sports -- basketball, football, kickball, whatever it was. I was real aggressive. I wanted to be around the bros!”

On her sexuality:
“I need to just be myself, express myself. In New York City, it’s popular. I used to think to myself, Man, there’s a lot of gay people out here. And it had me comfortable, it was like, I can be myself! I used to still try to hide it, until it was really overwhelming -- there were just too much girls attracted to me!”

“… If I change people’s lives, that’s all that matters to me,” she says. “I don’t want to be the first ‘dyke rapper,’ ‘aggressive rapper,’ you know what I mean? I don’t care for that.”

On the music industry:
“They didn’t really want me to talk about just being gay, so I would talk about liking girls and guys. I wasn’t feeling that… they was trying to basically put me in a box.”