Watch Trevor Noah Freak Out About Beyonce's Pregnancy on 'The Daily Show'

Courtesy of Comedy Central
Trevor Noah on The Daily Show on Feb. 1, 2017.

When news breaks, The Daily Show host Trevor Noah is always there to fracture it a little bit more. Like on Wednesday night (Feb. 1), when you'd assume his focus would be on the previous night's The Bachelor-like reveal of President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court.

"By now you've probably heard the major announcement... the one that's going to change America's future," Noah said with a serious look. "IT'S TWINS!!!!" he shouted as the image of BeyoncĂ©'s now-famous Instagram pic announcing her pregnancy flashed on the screen. "She is just so perfect! As a gift to us all she even did it on the first day of Black History Month."

Noah praised the singer for being elegant, beautiful and socially conscious, "wearing a mosquito net to raise awareness of Zika," he joked, before getting a playful little dig in against 'Yonce's former Destiny's Child bandmates with a quip about how great she'll be at carrying two babies. The one thing he really worried about, though, was how papa Jay Z will handle the stress of coming up with two names cooler than Blue Ivy. "It's almost impossible," he said. "He'll be at the Sherwin-Williams like, 'gimme all your swatches!'"

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