Rapper Problem Debuts Double Visual 'Betta Watch Yo Self' & 'Light Work': Premiere

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Compton rapper Problem starts off 2017 with the declaration “you better watch yourself." 

The California MC, who has worked with the likes of Snoop Dogg and E-40, debuts the double-visual for his self-produced track “Betta Watch Yo Self,” and “Light Work” featuring Tyrin "Caine" Turner (produced by Problem and JB Minor), off his upcoming Chachiville mixtape. The set drops Jan. 20 via Diamond Lane Music Group.

"Chachiville is the place I went musically to create this mixtape," Problem tells Billboard. "From production, song arrangement, vocal placement, concepts, mixing, song sequence; it all stemmed from the mind of Chachi."

As for the set's inspiration, Problem explains, "It was crafted while I was on my #litlifetour this summer, recorded mainly in different hotel rooms across the country. It serves as my break away from the nonsense that has been taking place in the world and within music. 13 great moments of me. Not a story, not a concept project, just 12 songs (and 1 skit) that can hold their own individually, yet still be cohesive enough to be all on one mixtape.”


Photo Credit: Ninedy2

In the videos, Problem walks through an alleyway in a neighborhood at night, and sets the haters straight when the beat drops, rapping, "With the fake s--t, until it's time to get buck/ A lot of talk, no nuts."

After getting hype with the homies, Problems chills out on the second part of the visual, kneeling in front of a car while reflecting on his past successes ("Probably make another mil' off a mixtape") and continued focus ("With every win comes another goal").

Check out Problem's latest visual offering below. His Chachiville mixtape is now available for pre-order on iTunes.