A Guide to Chris Brown & Soulja Boy's Explosive Internet Feud-Turned-Boxing Match

Two weeks into 2017, Chris Brown and Soulja Boy's feud evolved from a social media spat into a highly publicized boxing match.

After the two stars traded barbs online stemming from Soulja Boy allegedly "liking" a post on Brown's ex Karrueche's Instagram, the feud quickly escalated. Here's an in-depth look into the artists' tangled web of online drama -- and why Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson have gotten involved.

Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy launched a viral attack on Chris Brown after he claimed that the R&B crooner allegedly threatened him for liking a photo of ex-girlfriend Karrueche Tran on Instagram. In a slew of videos targeting Brown, the "Crank Dat" rapper took stabs at Brown for his parenting skills, taunted him for his 2009 assault on his then-girlfriend Rihanna and accused him of using cocine. The rapper later issued an apology to Brown for igniting the beef. The peace was short-lived after he decided to team up with Floyd Mayweather for his upcoming bout. 

Soulja Boy also released a diss track aimed at Chris Brown and 50 Cent called "Hit Em With the Draco." 

Chris Brown 

Once Chris Brown got wind of Soulja Boy's unapologetic comments, the "Party" singer issued a challenge to settle the score in the boxing ring. He requested that the two fight for three rounds, instead of going back and forth on social media. Brown mocked Soulja Boy for stirring up an imaginary beef and later posted his phone number on Instagram.



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NO NO NO!!! --

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Ok... Ok... I'm done... For now

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I know!!!! How many more Ls can he take?

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Mike Tyson

After Soulja Boy locked in boxing veteran Floyd Mayweather as his trainer for the upcoming bout with Brown (slated for March), 50 Cent recruited Iron Mike to sign on as Chris Brown's right-hand. 50 called up Tyson on Instagram, and the former heavyweight champion vowed to teach Brown "every dirty trick in the book" to stymie his opponent. To further vex Soulja, Tyson released a snippet of his new diss track aimed at the rapper titled "If You Show Up."

Iron Mike then unleashed the video for the record, which features a Soulja Boy impersonator and a bevy of women lip-syncing to Tyson's lyrics.

Floyd Mayweather

All it took was a phone call from Soulja Boy to cajole Mayweather into joining forces for this highly anticipated match. Not only did Money May sign on as a promoter for the match between Soulja and Brown, he decided to train the "Crank Dat" rapper, as well. To show his allegiance, he took a photo with Soulja and even sat down with him during his interview with Hollywood Unlock.



Rihanna's name was dragged into the beef after Soulja Boy said in an interview with Hollywood Unlock that the beef with Brown "stems from Rihanna." Soulja Boy explained how he forged an alleged relationship with the "Work" singer after her relationship with Brown dissipated in 2009. Rih, on the other hand, has kept silent throughout the ordeal.

Karrueche Tran

Soulja Boy "liking" one of Tran's pictures on Instagram allegedly sparked the spat between him and Brown. When Tran chimed in on the beef, Brown immediately fired back with a fiery response.


#Karrueche comments on this whole #SouljaBoy and #ChrisBrown feud #clapbackseason

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DIS A DUB!!!! You shoulda just shut up! AND DONT TRY TO GO BACK AND FORTH!! I GOT ALL DAY!

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50 Cent

Known for his business savvy, rap mogul 50 Cent viewed Soulja Boy and Chris Brown's beef as a potential revenue stream. He quickly suggested that Floyd Mayweather's boxing company, Mayweather Promotions, set up the fight. 50 sided with Brown, placed a $100,000 bet that he would walk out victorious, and aided him in luring Mike Tyson as his trainer.

In addition to promoting the fight, 50 Cent also has been hurling jokes Soulja Boy's way. Last week, the Queens MC claimed that the rapper was robbed in L.A. "Soulja Boy just got Robbed in LA, don't worry ya big homie Floyd can buy you another chain. But you bet not call POLICE little man. #thefightstillon LMAO," he wrote in a post. 


UP DATE, BIG FIGHT NEWS, we might have to do this at the BX FIGHT CLUB.

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Breaking News: It's Show time Baby!!! #putthegunsdown lol

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More breaking News : Watch me work, I got Iron mike on the line. #thefightstillon

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The show must go on Soulja, forget the chain, train --. #putthegunsdown #thefightstillon

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Man this is gonna be something to watch. Lol #putthegunsdown #thefightstillon

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The fight is on, it's on the News. Lol

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Instagram Fail 

Last week, Soulja Boy went on Instagram Live while visiting a nearby neighborhood in California. "What’s going on, man? They say Soulja Boy ain’t from the hood,” said Soulja before embracing an unknown man. The man immediately pushed Soulja off, causing his phone to drop and ending the chaotic Instagram Live session that led viewers to believe the rapper was jumped. Brown then shredded Soulja Boy for his failed attempt in trying to prove his street cred.