Hyper House Founder Laura Wasser Talks Starting Agency, Premieres Bizzy Crook Video

Laura Wasser
Hyper House

Laura Wasser

It’s been under two years since its formation, and Hyper House -- a creative collective founded by Laura Wasser in 2015 -- already has a power-pack of high-profile clients, such as Rihanna, Adidas and Tidal, among others.

Previously, Wasser’s titles included Head of Marketing at Hurley. But after leaving Hurley, Wasser began noticing certain trends among other agencies she worked for, stating, “I worked for a few agencies and I found them very uncreative. Tons of meetings, very just, huge kind of ships that required tons of useless things and a waste of clients’ money.”

After working for numerous agencies and finding similar problems, Wasser took things into her own hands. “I decided, there has to be an easier entry point for people in how media is; it’s so fast right now and just accelerated,” she says. “I want to be able to have an agency that doesn’t have 15 layers of employees that are admin, but it’s strictly a creative house. And so I started Hyper House.”

While things are going well, it hasn’t been without its tribulations. Gender-specific roles still play a part in the industry, with Wasser being one of the only -- if not the only -- female heads of a creative agency. “Most directors and creative directors are men, and most agencies are owned by men or large conglomerates,” she says, later continuing, “I think it’s honestly still somewhat archaic, and I’ve really worked hard at finding women that I can hire in the creative space.”

Hyper House doesn’t work on retainer for any business or brand, rather on a project-to-project basis, to avoid growing complacent or becoming stuck in a business relationship with a company they don’t mesh well with.

“If they’re not good people or people who kind of don’t match you culturally, then you’re in business with somebody on a daily basis that you really don’t like. And I’ve worked way too hard to work with people who aren’t cool,” says Wasser.

For example, Tidal was Hyper House’s first client, and after working for them on a small project, their business relationship began to blossom. “They’re so artist-friendly, and they just want to have great content and great creative, and they want it fast. So it was a really good match. We did one small job for them and then it just kind of started coming in, and they became my largest client.”

Her most recent project for Tidal began when they tapped her to create and direct the music video for Bizzy Crook’s “If You Only Knew,” which premieres today (Jan. 5).

Having worked together previously for Tidal’s “A Day In The Life,” Crook had enjoyed the experience and requested to work with them again.

“The thing about this song is that he really had a psychiatric hold over this girl breaking his heart. And he said that during that time it was ‘surreal’ for him, and it kind of turned the conversation about like, ‘Hey, how do we bring that surreal nature to what you want to do?’” recounts Wasser.

Crook suggested recording in the desert and cited “a psychedelic cover of a Led Zeppelin album” to Wasser as inspiration, so they gathered their ideas and ventured out to Joshua Tree. “So it was a blast! An absolute blast,” says Wasser.

Watch Hyper House’s work on the expressive video for Crook’s “If You Only Knew” below.




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