Chief Keef Returns With 'Two Zero One Seven' Mixtape

Chief Keef performs in New York City.
Rebecca Smeyne/The Hell Gate/Corbis via Getty Images

Chief Keef performs in New York City.

To start 2017 with a bang, Chief Keef released his new mixtape Two Zero One Seven on New Year's Day. This marks his first official project since his collaborative mixtape Camp GloTiggy with Zaytoven, which came out last May. 

After having a relatively low-key 2016 musically, the "I Don't Like" rapper is hoping to rebound with this 17-track mixtape. On the production front, Keef's responsible for 11 songs while the remaining beats come from the likes of Young Chop, Lex Luger and LeekeLeek. 

Beyond his mixtape release, Keef recently blasted the site Local Savage for posting a fake interview. Keef called out the website for being duped by an impersonator claiming to have been the 21-year-old rapper. “Fake interview N---as went from Hitting b-tches acting like me to doing interviews.... but the thing is Who ever is doing this Still sound lame as fu-k!" said Keef on Instagram. "If u gonna try to be me in a interview cut the d--k riding and sound like a Chiraqean."

Stream his new project Two Zero One Seven below.

1. “So Tree”
2. “Fix That”
3. “Empty”
4. “Reefah”
5. “Falling on the Floor”
6. “Short” Feat. Tadoe
7. “Knock It Off”
8. “Hit The Lotto Kash”
9. “Check”
10. “Dope Smokes”
11. “Control” Feat. Tadoe
12. “Trying Not To Swear”
13. “Go”
14. “Telling It All”
15. “Stand Down” Feat. Tadoe
16. “Running Late”
17. “Anything Gets You Paid”