Is Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V' in Martin Shkreli's Hands? Hear Alleged Leak

Lil Wayne
Shareif Ziyadat/WireImage

Lil Wayne performs at 2016 Budweiser Made In America Festival - Day 1 on Sept. 3, 2016 in Philadelphia. 

Have we finally just heard a clip from Lil Wayne's long-awaited Tha Carter V?

Former pharmaceutical exec and notorious hip-hop album buyer Martin Shkreli went live on Periscope on Thursday afternoon (Dec. 23), claiming that he just bought Wayne's unreleased twelfth studio album, which he says is "a two-CD tape." Watch the video below.

Shkreli famously bought the Wu-Tang Clan's secret double album Once Upon a Time in Shaolin for $2 million around this time last year.

"I have acquired hip-hop's most sought after album," he teases. "It's gonna make Wu-Tang look irrelevant. I have acquired hip-hop's most exclusive, most sought-after album, and it's mine."

After waiting for more viewers to tune in and asking them to guess what album he has, Shkreli eventually says, "Y'all get to hear it because I'm feeling good today. It's Christmas," then declares, "This is a track from an album called The Carter V by Lil Wayne." 

Listeners can hear Weezy rhyming: "So much shit on my mind/ I just hope I don't smell like it/ The motherf---ers that are famous/ Are the same ones that have nails biting/ Real n---as still real n---as/You new n---as just lame n---as/ when your shit fire don't be surprised/ acting like..." 

Shkreli then hits pause to say, "He's talking about me." 

Later, he plays another section, where Wayne raps, "I'm caffeinated, I'm updated/ I start from the bottom then gravitate."

Shkreli later jumps on Periscope again to share another clip from the album that he says features Justin Bieber. The second video has since been deleted.

Originally scheduled for release in 2014, Tha Carter V has been delayed by an ongoing legal battle between Wayne and his former label Cash Money Records and its co-founder Birdman

Back in 2014, Weezy said the label refused to release the album. "I want off this label and nothing to do with these people but unfortunately it ain't that easy," he tweeted at the time. "I am a prisoner and so is my creativity."

Declaring it "the best Weezy album ever," Shkreli says that if he releases the album, "Birdman might kill me." 

Infamous for drastically increasing the cost of a life-saving HIV drug, Shkreli wouldn't say how he got the album or how much he paid: "That's between me and the seller."

Listen for the music at the 4:50 and 6:45 mark below.