Azealia Banks Reveals She Had A Miscarriage, Disses Nicki Minaj On Facebook

For the past several hours, Azealia Banks has taken to social media to share a whole bunch of personal information on her Facebook page, including the fact that she had a miscarriage. "This wouldn't be an Azealia Banks page without loads of oversharing right?" she wrote, according to E! Online. "Anywho, I've just had a miscarriage and am pretty taken aback by it all."

She went on to share that she now feels "like a failure and very ashamed," and asked to lean on her fans a little: ""Has anyone else had this same experience who cares to share some words of wisdom or words of anything regarding this topic?" Much of the posting has since been deleted.

One of the lengthier posts arrived early this morning (Dec. 20), and was essentially a list -- that has since been deleted -- of things that fellow female artist Nicki Minaj should and shouldn't do.

"Slim down a bit... Stop calling yourself the queen of rap," the post starts. "I don't understand why you are so impressed with yourself... In 2017 I hope you find some new inspiration and decrease your butt implants..." Banks then ends the post on an enthused note: "Cheers to female rap!" 

Many believe the rant was in response to Minaj's newly released mobile game -- Nicki Minaj: The Empire -- in which there is a fictional artist called Fan2Sea whose song sounds like "what a mermaid would sound like," which is essentially a "loud, obnoxious screech." Considering Banks has a 2012 mixtape titled Fantasea, the connection is plausible though unconfirmed. 

A few hours after the post was written, though (true to the dramatic nature of social media) it has since been deleted. In its place, Banks wrote she had deleted the post because "I am not the same person I was two hours ago... Hope you Lot got your screenshots. It's all jokes guys. Calm down and enjoy the holiday." She also has responded to a handful of comments on the post, making clear that it is no apology. 

Find a screenshot of the original Nicki-related post below.