Purple-Haired Singer Luna Mar Debuts Beachy Visual for 'Swishers and Coronas': Premiere

Luna Mar
Miguel Vazquez

Luna Mar

Pop songstress Luna Mar powers through heartache with her unique coping mechanism in the beachy video for "Swishers and Coronas," premiering exclusively on Billboard

The Mexican-Filipina songstress, 21, who swapped her bachelor's degree in business for a music career, penned the emotional song alongside Elijah Blake and Blush. "[The song] definitely stems from a very real part of my life that I think a lot of girls, and I'm sure guys, go through as well," she tells Billboard over email. "We all go through a bit of heartbreak and sometimes just need some alone time and basically that’s what the song entails."

She adds that the track was inspired by real-life scenarios her pals were going through. "At this particular point in my life when I was in the studio, my friends were also going through similar situations, and I wanted a song that I could put my heart and own feelings into, but that would still remain relatable to many people. I have definitely moved on from that for coping, but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy a Swisher/Corona here and there." 

In September, Mar rolled out her debut album titled Kingdomwhich is also the name of the last song she recorded for the project. "I think every artist wants to leave a lasting impression, and I'm not different in that regard. Ultimately, I want to leave behind a Kingdom of sorts, a Luna Mar empire," she notes.
The songwriter adds that she hopes her project also serves as a source of inspiration. "I’m all about women empowerment and every song on this album shows different sides of me that I know girls/guys can relate to. I hope my music inspires people to simply follow their dreams," she said. "I come from a small town with not many opportunities so creating this album has been such a great experience. I hope that my music does give a platform to help people potentially cope with whatever they’re going through, whether it be sad or happy times."

Watch the wavy visual for "Swishers and Coronas" below.