Wyclef Jean Delivers Action-Packed 'I Swear' Video Feat. Young Thug & Rapper's Fiancee Jerrika Karlae: Premiere

Wyclef Jean and Young Thug "I Swear"
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Wyclef Jean and Young Thug "I Swear"

After delivering the silky love song "My Girl" and the gritty "Hendrix" earlier this year, Wyclef Jean churns out a new visual for his Young Thug collaboration "I Swear" off his forthcoming J'ouvert EP.

The Kid Art-directed visual shows the carnival man swooping in as a secret agent on a mission to save Thugger's fiancee and Karlae Swimwear designer, Jerrika Karlae, from a model-cum-assassin who tries to kill her by poisoning her drink. 

“Thugger was working on a mixtape and he named one of his songs after me. He also featured me on the mixtape on a song called 'Kanye West.' The vibes were so strong after he played me some more material and I could feel his pure songwriter style," Jean explained to Billboard over email. "I understood how talented this young man is and I felt 'I Swear' would be a great way for us to do something different, something fresh and new. We mixed 1997 with 2017. I call it 'over turn' -- that's when the 'turn up' is on overdrive."

Young Thug even rocks out on his own bass guitar alongside the Fugees frontman. "My experience on the "I Swear" video was crazy with sandstorm and the ledge, and Wyclef teaching me how to play guitar," Thug recalls. "The whole thing was very, very good for my first time -- it was the best time of my life."

Karlae also said she had a blast on-set. "My experience on set was awesome because I got to showcase some of my swimsuits and for it to go viral and the world gets to experience Karlae Swim up close was truly an amazing experience, so we both at fun on set," she added.

Beyond saving fashionistas, 'Clef also plans to roll out the long-awaited Carnival III: The Road to Clefication album to celebrate his Carnival debut's 20th anniversary next year. 

Watch Wyclef Jean engage in an epic fight scene in the "I Swear" video below.