French Montana & Drake Wrote a New Bro Code For One Night Stands

French Montana and Drake
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

French Montana and Drake photographed in Miami Beach, Fla.

French Montana and Drake have a new set of rules to live by, for one night stands at least. 

Over the weekend, Montana shared a framed list called the "10 Snipe Commandments" that's currently hanging in his house. According to his Instagram post, the rules were written by Drake with his oversight. 

Among the bro code's "commandments" are no pillow talk or business conversations, always be honest with a brother about a fling, no dating scene is off limits unless its been explicitly stated and there's no paying for sex except when "hunting in exotic locations." 

Of course there's a caveat to it all for those pure of heart: "Disregard these rules if you're fully committed," Montana noted. 

Check them out here: