5 Lyrics From Childish Gambino's 'Awaken, My Love!' That Embody Unity & Love

Childish Gambino plays Wireless festival in Finsbury Park in London, UK on July 4, 2015.
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Childish Gambino plays Wireless festival in Finsbury Park in London on July 4, 2015. 

Childish Gambino’s experimentally psychedelic third studio effort, Awaken, My Love!, displays the multi-hyphenate’s range as a musician. Here, he pulls away from pun-infused bars over hip-hop beats and steps back into a time machine to pluck grooves from far-out inspirations such as Funkadelic and the Isley Brothers

The nearly 50-minute effort takes listeners on a journey of how to love others with words on how to coexist harmoniously and advice on staying strong in the face of life’s unpredictabilities. While some find themselves yearning for the Gambino of yore, others are welcoming Childish’s 11-song purge of the soul with open minds and hearts. Especially with the holidays just beginning, the lyrics on his newest body of work resonate greatly with what the true spirit of the giving season entails. 

Check out a list of lyrics on unity, love and relationships that can be found on Awaken, My Love!

“Do what you want/I’m telling you/Let me into your heart” (“Me And Your Mama”)

Childish pleas with a lover to make their relationship work despite "they" wanting to see them fall apart. To emphasize his seriousness about their love, he sings, "Girl you really got a hold on me/So this isn't just puppy love."

“Have a word for your brother/Have some time for one another/Really love one another/It’s so hard to find” (“Have Some Love”)

These words simply ask for the world to come together and maintaining strong, loving relationships with others. 

“No good fighting/World, we're out of captains/Everyone just wants a better life” (“Riot”)

On this funk 'n' roll record, Childish sings of the fight-or-flight "pressure" the world faces as troubling scenarios continue to unravel. What’s the sense in fighting metaphorical battles with one another when we all really crave the best for ourselves? He suggests that we start loving each other because in one way or another, we’re all fighting the same fight.

“Don't take my baby boy/Don't take my pride and joy/I hope I stay close” (“Baby Boy”)

In an ode to his newborn child, born earlier this year, the repetition speaks volumes about the murky relationship men may have with their children at times, a fear in which Childish vocalizes throughout the song. The new father hopes that he can maintain a solid relationship with his next of kin, despite not having that same strong relationship with the child’s mother.

“Keep all your dreams, keep standing tall/If you are strong you cannot fall/There is a voice inside us all/ So smile when you can, when you can” (“Stand Tall”)

“Stand Tall” reminds listeners to do just that -- keep a positive attitude when faced with sticky situations. Through the lens of Childish's younger self in 1992, he recounts advice given to him by his father as he passes it down to his son and, hopefully, to those eavesdropping through their headphones as well. 


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