Nicki Minaj's 10 Best Remixes

Nicki Minaj
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Nicki Minaj performs onstage during the 2016 American Music Awards at Microsoft Theater on Nov. 20, 2016 in Los Angeles. 

After slaying two performances at the 2016 American Music Awards last week -- she performed alongside Ariana Grande for "Side to Side" then re-emerged for a live rendition of DJ Khaled's star-studded posse cut "Do You Mind" -- the thirst for new Nicki Minaj is real.

Luckily, the Queens-bred rapper has indulged her Barbs and Kens with her own versions of popular tunes. She recently rolled out her own take on Rae Sremmurd's Hot 100 chart-topper "Black Beatles" and borrowed Young M.A.'s street hit "Ooouuu" for her fierce "Pinkprint Freestyle."

Revisit some of her best take twos below.

"Down In the DM (Remix)"

Standout line: "Then he put his hands in my pants / Felt them thick lips and got wood / He said, 'Kylie, what's good?'"

"Black Barbies"

Standout line: "I see these silly n---as flexin', it’s a no zone / You gon' be floatin' in dem rivers like you know Joan / Island girl, Donald Trump want me go home"

"The Pinkprint Freestyle"

Standout line: "Bars for years, niggas thought I did a bid / I'm draggin' these hoes like Harambe did the kid"

"Boss Ass Bitch (Remix)"

Standout line: "Want the cookie, so I gotta Chips Ahoy! these n---as / But I never iPhone, Android, these n---as"

"No Flex Zone (Remix)"

Standout line: "Running this game for five years, guess that's why my feet hurt / Wonder when they bite me, do these bitches' teeth hurt?"

"Chi-Raq (Remix)"

Standout line: "Malcolm X daughter, came at me, 'Lookin' Ass N---as' ain't happy / Rolled out, with some Latin Kings and some eses in 'em plain khakis"

"Danny Glover (Remix)"

Standout line: "To raise a child, it might take a village / But I wouldn't know, 'cause these bitches my sons"

"My N---a (Remix)"

Standout line: "You n---as ain't got no joints / Like a injured Chris Paul, you ain't got no point"

"Hello, Good Morning (Remix)"

Standout line: "Wait wait hold on, maybe they didn’t get that here / Like 11 hundred horses when I switch that gear / I just swerve on them sorta like I missed that deer"

"Flawless (Remix)"

Standout line: "Yo, like MJ doctor, they killing me / Propofol, I know they hope I fall / But tell 'em winning is my motherf---in' protocol"