The 'Hamilton' & Beyonce Mash-Up is Here: '#Ham4Bey'

How it's taken this long we'll never know, but thank god Los Angeles artist Michael Korte came up with the idea for #Ham4Bey, a mash-up of songs from the Broadway smash Hamilton with classic Beyoncé tracks. The seven-minute slayminar features everything from "Alexander Hamilton" to "Partition," "Helpless," "6 Inch," "Crazy in Love," "Wait for It," "Dangerously in Love," "My Shot" "Survivor," "Guns and Ships," "Irreplaceable," "The Story of Tonight," "Countdown" and so many more. 

Created by Korte and arranged by Jared Jenkins, the medley is performed by a group of powerful singers including India Carney, Vincint, Mariah Maxwell, Jej Millanes, Kelly Margareth Lee and Jamond McCoy.

Check it out: