Rapper Leaf Dedicates 'Plate' to the Breadwinnners: Premiere

Kasper Jack


Brooklyn rhymer Leaf waves her middle fingers to critics and hypes up her paper-chasing squad on her bouncy new track "Plate." 

"'Plate' is very simple," explains Leaf in a statement. "The lyrics say it all: 'all my b-tches eatin' gettin' cake.' It's a song about being the breadwinner and sharing it with your loved ones."

Since rolling out her 2015 debut EP Magnet Bitchmoolah has been a consistent motivation for the rapper (see: her buzzy hit "Money," which was remixed by Pell). She also teamed with Lil Yachty for the anti-hater anthem "Nada." 

Leaf's full-length debut is also slated to land in January, via A-Trak's Fool's Gold Records/RPM MSC. She revealed the project's name and concept in an interview with Billboard earlier this year: "It’s called Trinity... [The album has] a lot of empowerment songs -- songs to cope with emotions that I feel like a lot of girls have."

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Leaf of Fools Gold, New Single 'PLATE'

She continued, "There is definitely a lot of turn-up records on there, including 'Nada' with Yachty, which is going to be really dope. [There is gonna be] songs to turn up with your girlfriends to feel fly... Trinity is about embodying female empowerment, being the queen that you are, just knowing that you’re a creator and God made you a creator to your best ability."

Satisfy your appetite for new Leaf with "Plate" below.