'Empire' Episode 6 'Chimes At Midnight' Recap: The Lyons' Secrets Are Exposed

Terrence Howard in Empire
Chuck Hodes/FOX

Terrence Howard in the "Chimes at Midnight" episode of Empire on Nov. 16, 2016. 

The Lyons were under attack again in last night’s (Nov. 16) episode, “Chimes at Midnight.” This time around, though, the pack was unknowingly facing off with one of their own.

As the Lyons picked up the pieces of the fallout, Andre expertly wormed his way to become president of Empire’s streaming services as Lucious tried to keep his illegal business tactics under wraps. Elsewhere, Hakeem continued vying for Nessa’s attention -- even though she’s super smitten with Andre -- and Becky learned a hard lesson about the politics of the industry as well as how to get revenge.

All secrets are out and no one is safe. Get the details on this week’s episode below.

Tiana’s Vexed Ex

Tiana was dealing with much more beyond picking which single to lead her debut album. Her jilted ex-boyfriend Graham continues to snap, putting his consistent post-breakup verbal abuse on front street. "You nothin’ to me," he said. "Your singing is mediocre."

Hakeem made fun of Tiana’s ongoing drama with her old boo, but karma came at Graham swiftly after the project leak. When interrogated about potential suspects, Tiana pointed to Graham as the hacker since he spent a lot of time in Empire’s studios and said he was "on a mission to humiliate Lucious."

Not one to be played, Lucious and Andre confronted Graham and hired Shyne’s goons to put him in check. R.I.P. Graham?

Cookie’s Nudes

Cookie remained pretty levelheaded when the proverbial s--t hit the fan and her nude pic to Angelo leaked in front of the entire company. She wouldn’t be Cookie unless she took the humiliation in stride -- "What they hell y’all looking’ at?" she asked. "They perky!"

Though the nudes didn’t bother her much, she received blowback from Angelo’s camp, who felt her newly public flicks would damage his political campaign. After expressing her fear of ruining his career with her past, she broke up with Angelo. "I would not be able to handle you losing this election because of me," she said.

Again, Angelo turned her insecurities into heart eye emoji-worthy emotions by standing shirtless on national television in solidarity with her. She also let the "L" word slip.

Jamal’s Hate Mail

Empire never showed much backlash after Jamal came out to his fans. But according to the leaked emails, plenty of homophobes took aim at the singer. Philip was concerned about Jamal falling off the wagon, but Jamal focused on his songs.

However, in addition to the homophobic emails, all of Jamal’s new music was wiped during a studio session with D-Major. Considering his fragile emotional state post-drugs and the added pressure of starting from scratch, Jamal eventually relapsed and blacked out in bed.

Andre’s Master Plan

By episode’s end, it turned out that the eldest son Andre leaked Empire’s emails and almost collapsed its entire system in order to gain control of Empire X Stream. The mastermind met up with Vaughn Cooper (played by French Montana) -- who helped set the plan in motion -- to pay him off for assisting with the digital heist. "Soon as the service is worth billions, I cut it loose and you get your next installment," he said.

Later, Nessa questioned Andre about why he hacked his family business. Andre explained his willingness to gain control of Empire by combining his "son of a gangsta" know-how with Nessa’s musical talent.

So, what will Andre do with his new power? Better question, are Nessa and Andre the new Cookie and Lucious?