'Martha & Snoop' Episode 2: Ashley Graham Joins Snoop's Lobster Fest, Rick Ross Cozies Up to Martha

Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party
VH1/ Brandon Williams

Rick Ross and Ashley Graham on Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party.

Lobster was on the menu for episode 2 of VH1's Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party. To pair with "the big red roach," as Snoop Dogg called it, the homecooking queen whipped up what she dubbed "the perfect martini" in an oversized martini shaker. With special guests, supermodel Ashley Graham and rap mogul Rick Ross, the lobster fest became the ultimate turn-up.

Below are the highlights from Episode 2, "Keep Your Claws Off Me."

The Bawse Gives Martha Bling

After Martha and Snoop held up their glasses for a martini toast ("Lobster is a food only rich people can eat, you do a lot of work just to get a little piece of meat," the rapper rhapsodized), Rick Ross came out and gifted Stewart with a gold chain dangling an iced out cheese grater. The Doggfather explained the pendant: "In the hood, you get cheese." 

The Bawse's crush on Stewart didn't stop there. He also proudly proclaimed of her that "baby got back," and said that he needed the mogul in his 100-room mansion: "We can be creative." 

Snoop's Seafood Show Down

Stewart recruited Rozay's services to whip up her New England Clam Bake, while Snoop and Graham got down and dirty with Lobster Thermidor, a.k.a. "Snoop's Broiled & Boiled Skrilla Godzilla." The D-O-G-G also struggled hilariously trying to grab the crustacean in the tank. "They're trying to fight back," he said. 

Romance Under The Sea

After making their lobsters drunk (Martha poured vodka into the clam bake while Snoop loaded up his pot with brandy), the heat was all the way up in the kitchen as Ross began to give Stewart a back massage. After the MMG leader asked about Stewart's husbands, the celebrity chef bragged that her husband was richer than Ross and asked "How big is your boat?" to which Ross responded, "Which one?" She also fed Rozay a spoonful of the "secret sauce" and some buttered lobster tail.

Stewart's Barbra Streisand Toilet Paper Story

In a table-side show and tell, Stewart brought a silver toilet paper holder and offered this LOL-worthy story about Babs. "I invited Barba Streisand to stay at my house and she didn't like the fact that she had to turn slightly to reach the toilet paper, so the next thing I know she has these delivering to my home, so she can put it in front of you." Snoop added, "Barbra, I may need one, too."

Snoop offered up a sculpture of Bruce Lee, gifted by the martial artist's daughter as Ross brought his flashy "MOB" pinky ring (which stands for "Momma's Only Boy," or to Snoop, "Martha's Only Boy") and Graham flaunted the actual bra she wore at the runway show for her curvy girl lingerie line. 

Shoutout to Obama

Another item Snoop brought along (besides his favorite Golden Oreo cookies) was a photo of him and President Barack Obama. Stewart praised the Commander in Chief, too, saying, "I love Barack Obama and he's done such a good job for our country."