RiFF RAFF Says He'll Perform at Donald Trump's Inauguration for $50K

Riff Raff performs in 2015
Scott Dudelson/Getty Images

Riff Raff performs at Seaside Park on June 21, 2015 in Ventura, Calif.

As millions of Americans continue to grasp the stunning results from last week's presidential election, rapper RiFF RAFF is willing to offer his services for president-elect Donald Trump.

The "Carlos Slim" MC recently chopped it up with TMZ about Trump being the new face of the White House. During his interview, he was asked whether he would consider performing at the inaugural event. Jody Highroller said he would be open to the possibility for a price.

“Well, I love money. And I’m in America. And I was born in America. And I love money. So, why wouldn’t I? Gimme a lil’ 50k, I’m good,” he told the cameraman.

"I’ve had to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes, close to a million dollars in taxes myself," he continued. "On the bright side, somebody told me that Donald Trump is going to lower the taxes from 40-something percent to 15 percent. That means 300,000 to 400,000 in my bank account personally. That’s a Lambo a year, money that I’ve been giving away. Whoever it is, I don’t care if it’s a pack of Starbursts that’s running for President."

Whether The Donald will recruit him for the inauguration remains to be seen.