The 3 Biggest Feuds From 'Empire' Episode 5 'One Before Another'

Jussie Smollett and Terrence Howard on Empire
Jean Whiteside/FOX

Jussie Smollett and Terrence Howard in the "One Before Another" episode of Empire on Nov. 2, 2016.

After a month-long hiatus, Empire dove& back into the no-holds-barred Lyon family drama. In episode 5 titled “One Before Another,” Hakeem went to war with his brothers and Cookie continued to allow Lucious into her new relationship with Angelo. There are still major enemies at large -- Tariq and Shyne secretly began working together -- but each Lyon member focused on facing off with their kin.

There’s a lot going on in Empire’s comeback episode leaving even more unanswered questions (seriously, when’s Rhonda’s funeral?), but here’s a rundown of the biggest family brawls that raged on Wednesday night (Nov. 8).

Tug-A-War Over Hakeem

Since the start of the season, Lucious has reminded each son they’re exactly like him. While Andre has accepted that fact, especially after beating up Shyne in the last episode, Jamal suppressed his corrupt inclinations and tried to protect Hakeem. In an attempt to keep his baby brother from becoming Lucious’ mini-me, Jamal asked Hakeem to squash his petty rap beef with Graham and do a positive Empire X Stream performance about brotherhood.

“Maybe you should let him be the man he wants to be instead of the man that you want him to be,” Jamal told Lucious after revealing this plan.

Later, Lucious gave Hakeem a brief 101 on why he needs to be “a destroyer of men,” which Keem takes to heart.

Hakeem Wars With His Brothers Over Nessa

Rap beef aside (for now), the youngest Lyon was more concerned with impressing Empire’s newest signee Nessa during his live set. Before he could hit the stage, though, Lucious revealed that Nessa had already taken romantic interest in Andre. As predicted, Keem took his hurt out as cameras rolled, aiming gay-bashing jabs at a confused, angry Jamal and calling Andre out as a disloyal fake.

To Lucious’ glee, the brothers have a complete meltdown, which sends the stream numbers soaring and viewers questioning if the Lyon brothers, who are usually, at the very least, loyal to one another, can eventually bounce back.

Angelo’s Fight For Cookie

Cookie can’t seem to shake Lucious. Though Cookie’s ex has pretty much left them alone, his presence in her life still rattles her new relationship.

After Cookie’s probation officer acted more strict than normal, Cookie became suspicious of Angelo and argued with him over where their romance is headed. Because Angelo is practically the patron saint of great boyfriends, he resolved the issues with Cookie’s P.O. It’s possible Angelo is fighting with the ghost of Lucious more than anything, but he assured Cookie that if loving her “means going up against Lucious then so be it.”