RZA Dreads the Future of America's Criminal Justice System Under Donald Trump Presidency

RZA photographed in Los Angeles
Maarten de Boer/Getty Images

RZA photographed on Jan. 13, 2014 in Los Angeles.

After watching his preferred candidate Hillary Clinton get trounced by Donald Trump in Tuesdays' election, RZA paid a visit to Sway in the Morning and touched on the importance of retooling the flawed criminal prison system.

After being arrested as a teen during the 1980s for selling marijuana, RZA explained he has since been required to re-enter the country in handcuffs every time he heads overseas. 

"Last time I came, I had my wife and my son and I can’t have my son see me handcuffed," he said.

To further validate his point, he spoke on how wealthy white men today are thriving selling weed, years after he was reprimanded for committing the same deed. 

"When you look at nine states right now, where young white men are becoming millionaires and are selling weed... nobody’s going to go to jail for it," he said.

The Wu-Tang Clan co-founder went on, saying he believes the criminal justice system "needs more correction than any part of our system…you see what they’re doing as far as arresting us, beating us on the head, killing unarmed citizens."

Sadly, for RZA, with Trump's victory the likeliness of any great criminal justice system reform has dwindled. According to Quartz, the country’s two biggest private prison companies watched their stocks rise exponentially, after it became crystal clear that Donald Trump was going to walk away victorious as the 45th President of the United States.  

"Trump’s victory may be fatal to the unusually bipartisan campaign to reduce prison sentences, invest in rehabilitation, and otherwise render the federal justice system more humane and effective,” added New York Times editor Bill Keller, as he explained for The Marshall Project.

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