Anderson Cooper Defends Jay Z's 'P-Word' Lyrics Against Trump Supporter Kayleigh McEnany

Anderson Cooper in 2016
Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Anderson Cooper photographed on May 18, 2016 in New York City.  

As Hillary Clinton prepared to take the stage for her final campaign rally Monday (Nov. 7), CNN anchor Anderson Cooper was joined by Republican commentator Jeff Lord and Donald Trump advocate Kayleigh McEnany to discuss the campaign trail. The topic quickly turned to Trump's comments about "grabbing women by the p***y," but when McEnany tried to suggest that it's similar to Jay Z's lyrics involving the "'p-word," Cooper was quick to shut her down.

Lord was the first to point out that Jay Z -- who, along with wife Beyonce, showed his support for Clinton with a free concert on Nov. 4 -- happens to have a song specifically titled with the vulgar word, suggesting that maybe Clinton wasn't so innocent, compared to her opponent. An avid Trump supporter, McEnany came to the Republican nominee's (now president-elect's) defense against Lord's case.

"The difference is for Jay-Z to shout these expletives on a stage at a political rally, while the Democrats are trying to stand on a moral high ground, saying we’re better than that, and Hillary Clinton is putting out commercials with little girls looking in the mirror," she said.

However, Cooper didn't quite agree that Trump's brag and Jay Z's lyrics were one in the same. "Ted Nugent grabbed his package at his concert, didn’t he?"

Cooper was referring to Nugent's graphic gesture following his rendition of the national anthem at a Trump rally in Michigan (a traditionally Democratic state) on Nov. 6, grabbing his private parts and telling the crowd, "I got your blue state right here."

Watch video of some of the discussion below: