Kodak Black Announces He's Pro-Hillary in PSA Call From Jail

David Cabrera
Kodak Black

In the months leading up to Election Day, hip-hop's biggest names have shown their support for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton by holding concerts (Jay Z, John Legend) and contests (Pusha T), and on Tuesday (Nov. 8), one rapper showed Clinton support in an unusual form: a phone call from jail. 

Kodak Black is currently serving time after pleading no contest to misdemeanor drug charges, but that didn't stop the Pompano Beach, Florida, native from encouraging his supporters to cast their vote. "Make sure you go out there and vote, 'cause every vote counts," Black says in a clip posted by his producer DUBBA-AA. "Voting is a privilege."

The "No Flockin" rhymer has previously used his phone calls to deliver messages to his devotees, like the recently released freestyle "Jail House Blues." "If I was able to vote I'd vote for Hillary, I believe she'll do a great job with our country.

"I'm Kodak Black and I approve this message."

Listen to Kodak Black's PSA below.