Ballin' Out Podcast: Young M.A & NFL Analytics Expert Cynthia Frelund Talk Hitting the Gridiron in Fantasy (and Reality)

Cynthia Frelund & Young M.A
Ben Liebenberg/NFL & Getty Images

Cynthia Frelund & Young M.A

This week, Ballin' Out hosts two of 2016's breakout stars in music and sports, respectively: Young M.A, the Brooklyn rapper whose "Ooouuu" you've inevitably heard bumping out someone's car window since it hit NYC airwaves in July, and Cynthia Frelund, NFL Media's first ever analytics expert, who started in August. And just like Ballin' Out hosts Adelle and Natalie, both women love football -- M.A. as a former player who now roots for the last Manning standing on the Giants, and Frelund as a fan and skilled statistician.

"Football was like my main sport," says M.A on the podcast's latest episode, which you can listen to and download below. "I really played it -- it wasn't like they thought they had to be soft on me because I was a girl." The rapper played in Virginia, where she spent part of her childhood -- and where football is a much more prevalent force than it is in her current home, Brooklyn. "That was one of my first life-changing experiences, to be the first girl on the football team."

Frelund may not have hit the gridiron herself, but she still has football bona fides to spare as NFL Media's first analytics expert -- and as a woman, to boot. "I try to take the things that seem like a disadvantage, and turn them into an advantage," she says of her rise to the top. "No one expects me to be a lockdown corner -- but that just means that there's no shame in asking questions. So I can ask the people around me, who are wearing gold jackets [meaning, they're in the NFL Hall of Fame]." Frelund's a music fan as well, so she offered her take on the Billboard charts -- which might actually be an analyst's goldmine.

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