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1500 Or Nothin' Producer Mars Debuts 'Baby' Video: Premiere

Courtesy of LoyaL of First Class Films

When he's not creating producing rap cuts for the likes of Jay Z, T.I. and The Game or on the road performing as part of the Inglewood-based band 1500 Or Nothin' (which also includes members James Fauntleroy II, Brody Brown and Larrance "Rance" Dopson), Lamar "Mars" Edward is working on his bars.

On his recently released mixtape No Days Off (a nod to his hectic work schedule), Mars dedicates a track to the ladies with "Baby," a trap-friendly love song that smothers his significant other with compliments. When asked about his rule of thumb of as a rapper, he says, "One, have fun, and two, you might have to perform this song. You might want everyone to know you’re the most lyrical person in the world, but if you can’t get on stage and do that... it could be pointless, you know what I’m saying?"

While he's been rapping for the better part of two years (he says he's been a singer "all my life"), he's looked to his collaborators for guidance. "I’ve always had ideas and concepts. In working with those people, sometimes I’ll pitch the hook, or I’ll tell Tip to say certain things, and both things have made it to albums and have been good enough to do so," he recalls. "I feel like I’ve taken on some knowledge in each department, for me to be able to create a nice song."

Even his nickname comes from his urge to be unique. "One day, my friend was like, 'Damn, you don’t never do nothing right. Like if somebody wanna go right, you wanna go left. If we wanna do this, you wanna do that, you just be on a whole other planet, I’ma call you Mars.' And it just stuck," he explains.

While Mars, who recently performed at the Get Out the Vote show in Cleveland for Jay Z and Hillary Clinton, promises more "heat" in the future, he's simply excited to expand on his rap talents. "Somebody might want to wake up in the morning and play one of my records," he adds. "So things like that make me keep going." 

Watch his brand new visual for "Baby," and bump his No Days Off tape below: