Snoop Dogg & Martha Stewart's Dinner Party Tips (Yes, Weed Included)

Butcher Billy

Ahead of their new VH1 show Martha & Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party (premiering Nov. 7), Martha Stewart and 
Snoop Dogg share their secrets to a perfect soiree -- no surprise, herb and spices are key.

Set The Mood
“You’ve got to have a great band on call to play all the favorites,” says Snoop Dogg before starting to sing “My Favorite Things.” Martha Stewart says she is thinking about changing her go-to playlist: “I usually play classical music in my kitchen, but now it might morph into something a little bit more hip-hop-y.” Adds Snoop, “It’s time for people to know she’s a dope lyricist.”

Showcase Your Good Manners
“Your table must have a plate, a glass, a fork and knife for each person, and a good napkin,” says Stewart, while Snoop clarifies that “fine linen” is optimal. Menu-wise, both say the cook should call the shots. “If you ask what people like, 400 different menus are going to come back,” says Stewart, with Snoop adding, “If your cooking hand is strong, everything’s going to get eaten.”

Have Icebreakers Ready
Stewart says, “I often ask my guests, especially if it’s a diverse group that has just met, to stand up and talk about themselves for one minute.” Snoop, though, keeps things casual when it comes to getting the party going: “I take my guests to the green room and say ‘Y’all hit this.’ Then everybody’s ready to come out and start talking to each other.”

This article originally appeared in the Nov. 12 issue of Billboard.