Alicia Keys Says 'We Were Born to Love' in Pro-Hillary Clinton MoveOn Video: Watch

Courtesy of RCA
Alicia Keys

First Lady Michelle Obama has been called Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton's best surrogate on the stump. But coming in a close second is singer Alicia Keys. The Voice coach and "Blended Family" singer makes her closing argument in favor of voting for the former Secretary of State in an impassioned three-minute video released on Thursday night (Oct. 27). 

Entitled "I Vote Love," the stark clip focuses on Keys standing in front of a blank background describing why this election has so profoundly touched her, as "a woman, a black woman, a human being." Watching the hateful words that have flown in this election, Keys says that despite the heated rhetoric, she refuses to believe we've lost our dream for a future with equality and justice for all.

"In a race between moving forward together or moving backwards divided, how can anyone still be undecided?" she asks. The moving message of loving yourself, no matter what skin you were born in or what society tells you you're supposed to be is summed up in a simple phrase: "We were born to love." 

Keys makes it clear that she's voting for Clinton, "a woman who was never meant to have a seat at the table. A woman who never quit. Who never got too jaded for hope." She continues with a plea to fans to do the same. "So on Nov. 8 vote for Hillary Clinton. Vote because you love somebody. Yourself. Your children. Your families. Your future."

The singer is one of a growing list of artists who've been speaking out and lining up performances on behalf of Clinton (and voting early) in the final weeks of the presidential campaign. The day after Alicia's "I Vote Love" video dropped, she released a new song "Holy War" from her upcoming album, Here (out Nov. 4), which continues her message of love.

Check out the "I Vote Love" video: