Watch Pusha T & Senator Tim Kaine Discuss Police Reform, Systemic Racism & Education

Pusha T & Tim Kaine
Courtesy of HRC

Pusha T and Tim Kaine

Given his presidential title at Kanye West's G.O.O.D. Music imprint, it's no shocker that Pusha T has been hitting the campaign trail in support of Democratic nominees Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine in the 2016 election.

While in Miami for the Florida Democrats block party earlier this month, the unfiltered rapper sat down with his fellow Virginian, vice-presidential hopeful Senator Kaine, to discuss hot-button issues. The two also bonded over the changes that need to be made in the nation's criminal justice system. "My biggest concern is the criminal justice system," offered Pusha T. "We're definitely on the same page in regards to knowing that the system is flawed and it needs to be fixed."

Kaine responded, "There's a lot of reforms that are necessary -- there's policing reforms, to make sure we have communities where everybody respects the law but people have to be respected by the law, too. That's really important and in some of our communities, that's not the case." He also noted that keeping data about citizens who have died from gun violence will also help better improve police reform.

When Pusha T asked Kaine about systemic racism, Kaine said, "There is in housing, there is in employment, there is in the criminal justice system, there is in voting rights so there's just more progress to achieve but we keep moving forward."

The Senator also noted the nation's progress in electing President Obama and guaranteed that the same would occur should his running mate land in the Oval office next month. "Just like the election of President Obama moved us forward as a nation because there had never been an African American president, the election of Hillary Clinton will move us forward as a nation because there has never been a woman president," he said.

Watch the full conversation below: